March 20, 2020

Dear Neighbor,

We value being a trusted member of your community.  Bristol Warner Village is a key part of the neighborhood and we take seriously our commitment to you, your family and your City.  The COVID-19 outbreak has tested our lifestyle and our routines.  And, so quickly, we asked ourselves will our world ever be the same.

We are committed to the community for the long-term, we want to provide an environment where you can meet local merchants, shop, use services, be entertained or simply be.  We want to be the place you create memories – good ones – and where you are inspired by our incredible merchants.

As you have seen, some tenants have had to close due to City, State or Federal mandates.  In some places, that means certain businesses are temporarily unavailable.  Hopefully, that time frame will be short, and this will pass, and we will welcome back all of our merchants.

In the meantime, we are committed to ensuring the shopping center is still an asset to the community.  We will clean, secure, light, landscape and provide reasons to come by and enjoy some fresh air or pick up necessities during this difficult time. 

We will keep you informed of developments on site as tenants re-open and new tenants join them.  Keep an eye on our social channels, our website and on-site announcements.

Our ask is this.  Please visit the tenants that are still open and operating under the current safety guidelines established, say hello, and let them know they are appreciated.  It is a tough time to be a merchant.  As tenants re-open, welcome them back. The strength of our neighborhoods are the strength of our retailers and service providers.

We appreciate you for being a customer of Bristol Warner Village.  We appreciate your loyalty and your patronage.  We will continue to work hard to justify your trust, and when this difficult time passes, we will be there, like always, playing an important part in your life and that of your neighbors.  We want to be the center of your community and we want to be part of the rebuilding process as the Coronavirus becomes a bad memory, and we create much better ones.

Be healthy, stay safe and thank you for all you do to make your City special, and helping our merchants participate in the American Dream.


Sanford D. Sigal 
President and Chief Executive Officer